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Fashion Fantasia 2023: Art of Attraction

ONE NIGHT ONLY! - Benefits Chinese Hospital, Hep B Free, & Charity Cultural Service Center

Saturday, April 29, 2023 at 5PM - 9PM

Morgan Harrington, soprano


Enjoy and celebrate San Francisco's most fashionable & charitable East-Meets-West Fashion Fantasia event!

"On April 29th from 7-9pm at the SF centennial Verdi Social Club, Bay Area audience welcomes the bedazzling night of glamour old Hollywood fashion extravaganza. Guests experience Fantasia Runway Fashion Show produced by creative duo producer Monique Zhang and her artistic director Ethel Reddy and the art of attraction next to posed models in bralette fashion design under Verdi Club’s impressive mural wall.

"Lady Fiona Ma is honorary chair for her 2nd annual Fantasia charity event in the light of bringing hope, inspiration and funding this year to the Chinese Hospital, Hep B Free, and Charity Cultural Service Center.

"Fantasia production is about celebrating your heart and elevate your style and passion of giving. Every year, we appreciate the Catwalk Charity donors and supporters for making the difference."

"The Fashion Fantasia runway 2023 will feature 3 known designers of glamour wear who use exotic surface design with a fine touch of femininity. Starting with a Model Parade in heavenly colors from flamingo pink to lagoon blue and followed by an eye-catching finale legacy memoir fashion showcasing San Francisco celebrity entertainment star team."


[ FULL PROGRAM: 5pm-9pm ] Dinner Gala segment 5-7pm

Fashion Fantasia show segment 7-9pm

GET full program TABLE VIP tickets: (2 for $1000, 1/2 table sponsor ** 4 for $2500)

"** VIP table sponsors can sign up to get styled by glam team to be on stage in creative retro movie star style!!

Highlights in the event include a finely prepared 3-course dinner paired with fine wine by famed chef Sean Gawel and the grand presence of opera singers taking place while guests experience the art of attraction next to posed models in bralette fashion design under Verdi Club’s impressive mural wall. All for a full VIP table and dinner/show experience."

Dress Code: Guests are invited to dress creatively in 20’s Jazz Age Tux & Dress/Gown Attire.

[ PARTIAL PROGRAM: 7pm-9pm ] Fashion Show Segment*

GET Fashion Show Ticket*: $100

*7-9pm ticket holders entitled to runway seatings with a glass of champagne (not including 5-7pm dinner gala)



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"Fantasia production is about celebrating your heart and elevating your style and passion of giving. Every year, we appreciate the Catwalk Charity donors and supporters for making the difference.

"About Executive Producer and Catwalk for Charity President Monique Zhang

Monique Zhang, the acclaimed Asian runway charity San Francisco Bay Area fashion producer, produces several amazing shows a year. With 25 years of experience in producing artful charity fashion shows, Monique is known for her artistic creations of fashion showcases for both local and international fashion designers. She has fostered and helped publish many artisans and new talents over the years. In addition to her founding of Catwalk for Charitable Causes, Monique has worked on merchandising projects for department stores, textile industries, and fashion start-ups. Catwalk for Charitable Causes has benefited museums, galleries, hospitals, and community centers throughout the Bay Area.

"About Honorable Chair Fiona Ma

Fiona Ma is California’s 34th State Treasurer. She was elected on November 6, 2018, and re-elected November 8, 2022, with more votes than any other candidate for treasurer in the state’s history. California is the world’s fifth-largest economy and Treasurer Ma is the state’s primary banker. She is the first woman of color and the first woman Certified Public Accountant (CPA) elected to the position. Treasurer Ma was also the first Asian American woman to serve as California Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore, the second highest-ranking office in the California Assembly. For more information, please go to website:

"About Artistic Director and Catwalk for Charities Treasurer Ethel Reddy

Ethel M. Reddy is a Professional Make Up & Hair artist based in San Francisco who is committed to making you look and feel beautiful. She is a CA State licensed cosmetologist with over 10+ years of experience in the industry, having taught at the Paul Mitchell Academy. In addition, she is a Vice President for Bank of America and one of the founders of the International Glam Institute in the Bay Area. Ethel is also involved in the Lash Industry, serving on the Board of Advisors for National Lash Artists (NALA) and volunteering with the “Look Good Feel Better” program to enrich patients' self-confidence through beauty. With a passion for teaching, Ethel tells her clients to, "Bat your Eyes Girl… Shine like a Star!"

We thank our Fashion Fantasia Team:

Steven Ma, Co-Chair & Secretary

Michael Chang, Co-Chair

Gladys Soto, Co-Chair

Joshua Bernstein, Vice President of Catwalk for Charities

Featured Designers: VelvetZephyr, Kathleen Kelley, Sue Xu Wang

Modeling Director: Porsha McGill


Makeup Artists & Hair Designers

- Internation Glam Intsitute - Michelle Prior Alameda - Ethel Reddy - Daniel Cartagena - Anna Diordytsia - Trena Allen - Mei Lim Shan - Vickie Shawo - Yali Bai

- San Jose City College Cosmetology Team Gina Del Rosario-Fontela-Instructor

1. Lynn Mezahernandez 2. Shayna Levy 3. Laura Cortes 4. Anahy Leon 5. Nicole Contreras 6. Bianca Alvarez 7. Renè Prosuethsut 8. Daisy Guillen 9. Kirani Mangalaram 10. Stephanie Gutierrez 11. Vanessa Pelayo 12. Taylor Pak 12. Estrella Zaragoza 13. Maria Jaurez Valdez


Will Bucquoy

Herm Pugay

Andreas Zhou

Michael Hruska

Eugene Polyak

Special Thanks

Verdi Club, SF City College Fashion Department, International Glam Institute, San Jose City College of Cosmetology, Meal Boxes by Divine Indulgence Catering, Cookies by Charity Cultures Service Center's Youth Program, Anna May Wong, Quarters provided by Herby Lam and Hanley Chan


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