A U D I O  &  F I L M


"Chi il bel sogno di Doretta" from La Rondine by Giacomo Puccini

Peter Grunberg, piano

The Other Side of Love | 2017

M E D I A  -  A U D I O  &  F I L M

"I'm a Stranger Here Myself"

from One Touch of Venus by Kurt Weill

Peter Grunberg, piano

The Other Side of Love | July 2017

Audio & Film

Audio 1: Adieu, notre petite table | Audio 2 : Ach, ich fühl's | Video: I'm a Stranger Here Myself

"The Moon Represents My Heart" 

Yuè liàng dài biǎo wǒ di xīn 

Music by Weng Qingxi

 Lyrics by Sun Yi

Richard B. Evans, piano

The Jarvis Conservatory

June 2016

"Mi tradì quell' alma ingrata" from Don Giovanni by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


A Waffle Opera production. Conducted by Ben Malkevitch. Directed by Sarah Young.


November 2, 2014

"Pa-Pa-Pa" from Die Zauberflöte

by W. A. Mozart

Peter Tuff, baritone

Dr. Carl Christensen, conductor


Monterey County Pops!



May 26, 2014


Performance Archive

Video 1: It's a Grand Night for Singers! | Video 2: Don Giovanni | Video 3: To Remember and Honor - Memorial Day Concert